The Great Bicycle Shop has been repairing and servicing bicycles since opening in 1971 on Gaines Street. And although we don't sell mopeds or skateboards anymore, we continue to take the same level of care and attention on bikes today that we took on those old Raleighs and Schwinns and Puchs.

Getting your bike tuned up and in top condition is our specialty. Whether you bought it from us, or somewhere else, we will do our best to get it running like new.

There's no need to make an appointment with us for an estimate, just bring your bike in and we'll put it in the stand to go over with you what we believe it needs. These estimates are free, and you'll leave it with us knowing what the repair is going to cost you. Most repairs are complete on same day as scheduled, although occasionally we need more time to gather replacement parts. If we find, once we've begun a repair, that more is needed than was initially discussed, we'll give you a call to go over the details before we proceed.

Many of the bikes in for repair need what's commonly referred to as a "tune up." A standard tune up at GBS costs $95. Generally speaking, a tune up covers the labor of getting a bike into shape, parts are extra as needed.

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